Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

All warranty claims must accompanied by shop's official tax invoice/receipt/proof of purchase - it can be a photocopy or the original. The shop reserves the right to reject the warranty claim in the event of failure to produce ant form of proof of purchase.

Our Customer Service are available daily from 10am - 6pm (Except Sunday & Public Holiday) , Please refer to us for assist an easy way to returning your device for warranty claim , Contact Us now.

Term & Condition 

Not Including Warranty / Warranty Void 

  •  Water damage (even waterproof model)
  •  Drop damage
  •  Screen cracked / back glass / LCD (got line , bubble , dot)
  •  Repair or open by third party
  •  Apple / iCloud ID lock / forgot password
  •  Warranty sticker broken or been removed

No warranty on FREE accessories.